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Index of published work

Please find below a full index of my published work, including an array of commissioned and non-commissioned opinion and political pieces, reviews, blogs, news articles, interviews and video content across a variety of publications. The links to the web addresses where the articles were published can be found next to the article descriptions.

Published articles:


A publication offering advice, tips and information to journalists.

SAVAGE Journal:

A UCL-affiliated student platform that comments on art, culture and the world around us.

The Meridian Magazine:

An online publication giving students a platform to share stories from all corners of the globe.

UCL Pi Online:

The oldest and largest student journalism society at UCL, voted “Best Publication in London” at the Student Publication Association Regional Awards 2021.

UCL Pi Magazine:

HIVE South Yorkshire:

The hub for young writer activity in the South Yorkshire region.

  • ‘How far is too far?’, an article considering South Korea’s intrusive use of surveillance culture in their attempt to track and trace infected citizens and how the UK’s response differs/replicates this, can be read here: http://www.hivesouthyorkshire.com/isabelle-osborne

UCL Inspiring Minds Programme:

UCL website and services:

Video content creation:

UCL Website:

Interview history:

Sine FM is Doncaster's local radio station; our FM broadcast reaches over 116,000 households & 7,100 businesses locally. I work with the ‘1DN’ show team, a show focusing on businesses in the local area, producing quality radio content for the weekly show. Every week, I source and interview multiple guests for the show, primarily business owners and organisations across the region on their business strategies, experiences and services, before editing and formatting the interview material ahead of the show for production using Audacity software.

Below is a list of the interviews I have sourced and conduct during my role to date:

  • Jarrod Osborne, Ski Olympic (ski tour operator based in French alps).

  • Chris Page, Pristine Industrial Cleaning Services.

  • Phil Sheppard, National Literacy Trust.

  • Alyson Scott, CEO Doncaster Mind.

  • Sally Lockey and Keeley Lane, Right Up Our Street.

  • Carmelle Harold, Changing Lives Doncaster.

  • Helen Garlick, author of 'No Place To Lie'.

  • Lydia Lowther, Voluntary Action Doncaster.

  • David Shaul, Doncaster Wool Market.

  • Claire Hoyles, Home Instead.

Words are all we have.

 - Samuel Beckett

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