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COVID-19: Tips and Tricks to pass the time whilst self-isolating

In such precedented times, our nation is facing a crisis that has affected the normality of every person's life across the country and the world. The government are encouraging anyone who presents symptoms of the COVID-19 virus to stay at home, meaning many people are having to self-quarantine in their homes.

What do we do? If you're stuck for ideas and fear getting bored, read on to hear my tips for passing the time whilst self-isolating...

Tip 1: Keep normality

These are far from normal times. I understand the temptation to lay in bed, eat chocolate, switch on the TV and become a sofa-sloth. However, whilst this may seem attractive for the first few days of self-isolation, it will soon become tiring and you risk losing your sense of self as the days turn into weeks. Therefore, it is paramount to try and maintain a sense of normality. Get out of bed at your usual hour and carry out your normal morning routine, whether this involve showering, eating a healthy breakfast, or exercising in the living room. Laying in bed till noon and going to sleep in the early hours will ruin your body clock, so that when times go back to normal and you are due to return to school/work, it will come as a shock to return to your usual get up/bed times. Try and find something that will keep your brain alive and active (see below for some inspiration). This will ensure you feel as much like your normal sense when such uncertainty prevails. Maintaining a sense of normality will have a positive impact on your mental health too - the less change, the better!

Tip 2: Exercise!

Exercising is great for releasing endorphins and keeping your body active when we are spending long periods of time in one space. As well as keeping the brain happy, your body will still need to be looked after as normal, and giving it a bit of TLC through activity will ensure you keep fit during self-isolation. It is also a fab way of reducing and releasing stress, which your body will certainly be battling during this time of change. I love 20 minute workouts each morning, focusing on different aspects of the body - core, glutes, legs, arms. It is vital that we keep our bodies healthy and engaged in activity to prevent cabin-fever settling in. If you don't normally exercise, this could be an opportunity to use the time you have to start getting active!

Tip 3: Read

I adore reading, but even as a literature student, I often find I'm always battling against time and my busy agenda (studying, playing my saxophone, earning money - the list is endless!) to read what I desire. This is a time when I will definitely be catching up on all the reading I want to do and ticking off the books that have been on my to-do list for months. Reading is also a great way of taking your mind off the uncertainty we are facing, immersing yourself in great stories and interesting characters through fiction, or educating yourself on different topics through non-fiction. You can find reviews of the books I have read recently elsewhere on this blog, and I will be posting many many more reviews throughout this period to give you some ideas of what to read next!

Tip 4: Meditate

Much like reading, meditation is a beautiful way of relaxing the mind and the body and releasing stress. Even if its for 5 minutes, taking your mind away from the uncertainty of the times and listening to your body will be so beneficial. I use Calm, an app that offers a variety of meditation sessions that you can enjoy. Why not start a 30 day challenge? This will give your meditation a sense of purpose and you will have something to add to your to-do list whilst in self-isolation.

Tip 5: Try something new

We all say there are things we want to do, but we don't have time. Well, now you do! Whether it's learning a new language, planting in the garden or starting a blog, this is a chance for you to do the things you have never had time to do (within reason, of course, as you are bound to the house).

Tip 6: Start a new TV series

Whilst I am not suggesting that we should sit in front of the big screen for days upon end, setting aside an hour or so a day to watch TV will give you an outlet for relaxation. I highly recommend the following shows that have lots of episodes to indulge in:

  • The Crown - a highly enjoyable (and very addictive) dramatisation of the royal family since the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. It is really informative on the inside issues of the royals, so is educational as well as enjoyable!

  • Jane the Virgin - one of my favourite shows on Netflix, this is a lighthearted, fun-loving show that will definitely take your mind off the current times. Set in America and drawing upon the character's Latin heritage/culture, this is a really fun and easy to watch series.

  • Suits - following the lives of the richest New York lawyers, this show is phenomenal. As well as learning so much about the legal system, the characters are captivating and the story lines are truly incredible.

These are just some of the shows I love to watch. I will do a separate blog post for my TV/film recommendations for watching during isolation soon!

These are just some of the things you can do to pass the time whilst in isolation. This is a scary time, and boredom is inevitable during long periods of isolation from the world. Remember - we are all in this together, and this will pass eventually.

Much love xo

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