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Black Lives Matter: Podcasts/Talks to educate yourself on racism

It is vital that we educate ourselves on the systematic flaws within our society. Racism is not solely associated with individuals, but can be seen within a whole system. If we want to move from an era of ignorance to an era of change, we must educate ourselves on the reality that racism still exists. One of the most influential methods of carrying out self-education is through books and films, whether fictional or non-fictional, as it is by visualising and witnessing the devastating impact of racism that people will begin to realise they have long been ignorant to inherent issues within their societies.

Below, you will find a compilation of podcasts and talks, which offer a deep insight into issues surrounding racism and discrimination. Hosted by or featuring prominent black people from all walks of life, these are important resources for amplifying the black voice and considering different aspects of racial discrimination. Check these out to broaden your understanding of why the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign is such a vital movement to be a part of, and how we can support the black community.

Podcast Series:

  • About Race with Reno Eddo-Lodge: author of the bestselling Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Eddo-Lodge reflects on the recent history of race relations that have influenced the politics of today.

  • The Diversity Gap: this podcast explores the gap between good intentions and good impact in relation to diversity, inclusion and equity.

  • Slay in your Lane: this podcast considers topical news and popular culture from a Black British female perspective, expanding on issues of navigating the workplace, finances, education, health, relationships and dating.

  • Code Switch: a podcast featuring journalists of colour sharing their thoughts on race in America

Individual episodes:

Talks (found on YouTube):

To have informed discussion on how society can change, we cannot ignore the reality of race relations in the world today. These resources will help increase awareness of issues we may not even realise are underpinned by racism, in the hope that society will move forwards to one of tolerance and acceptance.

All of the resources are linked to the places you can listen/watch them from.

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