Isabelle Osborne is a UCL undergraduate, student journalist, radio broadcaster, marketing associate, content creator, website manager, and professional saxophonist.

Isabelle has undertaken a variety of unique experiences to supplement her undergraduate studies. Working with the Regional Magazine Company and the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce before arriving at UCL, she has since become the Website and Digital Communications Officer for REVIVE and a UK Young Advisor with Leaders Unlocked on a project with The Institute of Employment Studies. Her 16-week Copywriting internship during the summer ahead of her final year at UCL has only invigorated her love of the written word, and she is now using the skills she developed in her role as Communications Manager with Ski Olympic and as a content creator with the UCL Student's Union. Other opportunities she has had the privilege of exploring include events assistance with Sheffield Creative Guild and the Ronald McDonald Housing Charities, and content creation with a variety of UCL outlets. Isabelle has recently joined Mind's Youth Voice Network as a journalist on their newsletter team, what will be Mind’s first newsletter created by young people, for young people.

Isabelle is also developing her portfolio of written work. Her work has been published by the Regional Magazine Company, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, UCL Pi Media, Era Journal,, The Meridian, the UCL Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Students' Union UCL, Empowered Journalism and HIVE South Yorkshire. Her sharp eye for detail, ability to engage with the topic of the given article and natural flair for writing led to her nomination for ‘Best Opinion Piece’ at the 2020 Student Publication Association. You can find a full index of her published work under the 'About' heading above, which showcases a range of commissioned and non-commissioned written and video content.


Isabelle has an extensive background in professional interviewing, governed through her role as the Business & Community Correspondent with Sine FM, whose broadcast reaches over 116,000 households, 7,100 businesses and 150,000 people. She has interviewed UK Parliament outreach officers, medical professionals, charity CEOs, local councillors, cyber security experts and many more individuals and organisations, spotlighting current and relevant issues within the community and providing a platform for local, regional and national companies to share their work via radio. You can find a list of the individuals Isabelle has interviewed via the index of her published work.

A keen musician, Isabelle worked with the Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra for ten years, a standout moment being a performance at the Royal Albert Hall with her saxophone. Isabelle's dedication to her musical pursuits is showcased through her independent saxophone enterprise, which she has run since she was sixteen years old. She has performed around the country and beyond, playing at a variety of events and functions. She has also had the privilege of working with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra on their musician mentorship programme, receiving music tuition from Alice Leggatt, former NYJO saxophonist, and Asha Parkinson, current NYJO saxophonist and Guildhall graduate. Isabelle is currently the President of the UCL Jazz Society and leads over 350 musicians, vocalists and jazz appreciators through facilitating the plethora of musical opportunities the Society hosts, including developing the Society's partnership with AGE UK Camden and exploring new opportunities for the Society's members.


World of Words is Isabelle's personal blog, a passion project she has been developing since March 2020. The blog is a hive of creative life, offering book reviews, opinion pieces on current and past events, interviews, travel pieces and more. It is Isabelle's passion to spread creativity and love of the written word, engaging an audience and encouraging curiosity to find out more about our world, whether this be through books, media, theatre or film.

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