Hi there!

My name is Isabelle, and I am an undergraduate student studying English at University College London. I am an avid reader, writer and aspiring journalist, with experience in journalism, marketing and communications, content and video creation, and radio broadcast.

 As someone who aspires to be a journalist in the future and who eagerly immerses herself in debates in order to seek interesting topics for article discussion, my work has been published by the Regional Magazine Company, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, UCL Pi Media, SAVAGE Journal, Journalism.co.uk, The Meridian, the UCL Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and HIVE South Yorkshire.  Running a blog and writing for various journalistic organisations demonstrates my extensive background in writing and reporting on a range of topics, including international affairs, politics, culture, arts and more. My sharp eye for detail, ability to engage with the topic of the given article and natural flair for writing led to my nomination for ‘Best Opinion Piece’ at the 2020 Student Publication Association. You can find a full index of my published work under the 'About' heading above, including a range of commissioned and non-commissioned written and video content.


I also have an extensive background in professional interviewing, governed through my role as Business Correspondent with Sine FM, my local radio station who's broadcast reaches over 116,000 households & 7,100 businesses locally. 


This blog is a hive of creative life, offering book reviews, opinion pieces on current and past events, and interviews. It is my passion to spread creativity and love of the written word, engaging an audience and encouraging curiosity to find out more about our world, whether this be through books, media, theatre or film.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you will return soon!